Ever wonder what your favorite writer does when they’re not on their laptop? Are they really checking out that restaurant they just praised or going to see that band they just worshipped? Well here’s a little insight on what’s on their minds and on their plates for the week ahead. You never know, you just might see them sitting across from you sipping a latte.

The last Platinum (EVER!) on October 14. This historic weekly turned monthly turned sporadic drum n’ bass event at Fluid will forever keep a place as THE spot to hear cutting edge domestic jungle. It will be sorely, sorely missed. I think I’m going to cry…ok, I’m done.- Arbell Camron

On October 15, the curator of the Musee Rodin in Paris will be at the Rodin Museum to discuss what is probably Rodin’s most famous work, The Gates of Hell. The lecture starts at 4pm. I’ll be the gal in the front row!- Beverly Brettmann

Philadelphia turns into one big outdoor art gallery as the city celebrates Mural Arts Month throughout October. Now rightfully the nation’s number one city of murals (even surpassing Los Angeles), there are tours, films, lectures, panels and exhibitions organized by the Mural Arts Program.- Thom Cardwell

Rock ‘n’ roll greasers, Social Distortion bring SoCal punkabilly to Philadelphia, drawing black clothes teens, motorcycles, leather jackets, and tough-assed music fans out of the cracks and into the old warehouse at the Electric Factory on October 16.- D.M.Sinkovits

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