Stand-Up Act

Imagine you’re on your lunch break; you’ve already grabbed grub but you still have 10 minutes before you have to slink back under those florescent lights. Beat the winter doldrums in less than five minutes in the new spray-tan booths at Sun Myst studios, the Rittenhouse tan house that was recently featured in Allure magazine. Step into the tanning capsule and press a button; it’s as simple as following the voice instructions dictating politely when and where to step and turn. (After you get comfortable standing in a machine that talks to you, it’s about over.) True tan treasurers can schedule a customized airbrushed tan that gives you a personalized one-on-one session, which will yield perfectly sun-kissed skin where and how you want it. If only you had such control over your lunch break hours.
$45 for customized airbrush; $25 for regular stand-up; Sun Myst Tanning Studio, 209 S. 20th St., 215.545.5010,

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