Go, TrickGo, Go

Matt Trigaux, founder of TrickGo, recently invited local artists and friends to design the mural at his shop located at 1135 Pine Street. For the few of you who haven’t heard, TrickGo, a local clothing store featuring merchandise designed by local artists, is quickly becoming one of the most successful Philly clothing lines in recent history.

Founded in Trigaux’s dorm room in 2008, TrickGo concentrates more on aesthetics than profit margins, making it one of the few clothing lines that understand fashion as an art– not just a means to brand people as walking advertisements. So it’s no surprise that TrickGo is being embraced by Philly’s youth culture as a new means of expression that can’t be found at JCPenney.

Below are some photos from the “Tape it Off” event held on January 15th. We had an awesome time checking out the new mural and, of course, drinking some PBR pounders. Visit www.trickgo.com to find out more about this emerging brand before you’re the last of your friends to be wearing it.

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