Another Reason to Love the Flaming Lips: Gummy Skulls

No band reinvents the wheel better than The Flaming Lips. Take their release of Zaireeka, which made the usually mundane process of listening to a record fun, but somewhat of a pain in the ass.

The Lips will be releasing three new tracks in a completely new “packaging” that’s seems to be the product of an acid induced, psychopathic ice cream man. In April, fans will be able to buy a human-sized gummy skull complete with an edible brain containing a flash drive with three new tracks.

There’s no word yet on how the gummy skull will actually be packaged or delivered but I can’t help but picture fans in warmer climates having to sift through melted gummy skull to get to a flash drive that may or may not work.

I also can’t wait until someone asks me if I’ve heard the new tracks so I┬ácan respond, “No, I wasn’t that hungry at the time.”

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