An Interview With The Angry Video Game Nerd

You might know that the Angry Video Game Nerd’s online game reviews garner millions of hits from gamers all over the world. But what you may not know is that he’s from Philly. recently spoke with the man behind the controller to find out his thoughts on his hometown, his future plans for the AVGN and those rumors of a possible AVGN movie. So, the AVGN is from Philly?

Angry Video Game Nerd: Yes, I grew up in the Philadelphia area and still live there. I graduated from UARTS film department.

AP: Locals were probably particularly entertained by your “You Know What’s Bullshit” video on how Wawa uses too much cream cheese. Do you have any other regionally based complaints?

AVGN: Sure, SEPTA needs to run later into the night. At least until the bars are closed then we’d have less drunk drivers. Wawa could probably use a drive-thru. Philly can’t handle their sports either. They need to stop rioting.

AP: Do you think the no-nonsense Philly mentality contributed at all to the AVGN persona?

AVGN: Interesting question. I think it could, yea. It’s hard to escape where you’re from. I also love the word, “Yo.”

AP: At what moment did you realize the potential for AVGN to be a full-time gig?

AVGN: Web shows were not something that I could have foreseen. It was the technology that made it possible. My career plan before AVGN was just to make movies, plain and simple. Which I eventually hope to do, too.

AP: How do you choose a game to review?

AVGN: From day one, there has always been a “hit list” and as it went on, I scouted for more games that give me good material to work with. A lot of it has been scouting. I always discover something interesting to review that I never knew about before.

AP: Can you explain your decision to only cover older games and what would you say is your favorite console?

AVGN: I have many reasons for reviewing only older games. I relate to them better since they are from my generation. The newer games are so much more involved and take much longer to play. Most of my younger audience know more about the newer games than I do.

My favorite console is SNES.

AP: Do you have time to game for pleasure anymore? If so, what game(s) are you playing at the moment?

AVGN: That’s one regret that I have because keeping up with the regular videos doesn’t give me much time to play for leisure. I need to play for leisure though to get fresh ideas, which is one reason why I’m taking a little time off.

AP: I’ve heard talk of an AVGN movie. Can you confirm or deny the rumors? Are you going to re-create your basement a la Wayne’s World?

AVGN: Yes, there is an AVGN movie planned. We have an epic script. This link was the original announcement, but I will keep updating on And no, there’s no plans to recreate the basement, but a small portion of the film will take place in the real basement.

AP: What was the most frustrating game you reviewed?

AVGN: I always go back to this, but Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It’s truly awful and hilarious. It was frustrating to play but it was also fun to talk about. I’m referring to the second review of it, the “Revisited” episode.

AP: Has Rolling Rock tried to sponsor you yet?

AVGN: No, but I hear beer companies don’t want to sponsor video game related stuff because it’s viewed as a “kids” thing.

AP: What is your favorite horror movie? What are your thoughts on horror movies today (or the lack thereof)?

AVGN: If I were hard pressed to decide, I’d say Night of the Living Dead is my favorite horror movie. It was truly groundbreaking for its time. I haven’t seen too many good ones in recent years. The market is too over-saturated. CGI has been a useful tool for filmmakers but it seems that they use it as the only option nowadays. Animatronics and physical effects were more convincing, but it’s a dying art.

AP: Finally, I just have to ask, what is your favorite game of all time?

AVGN: Probably Zelda: Link to the Past.

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