Hipster City Cycle App Released

Across Philadelphia, fixed gear pedals are spinning with excitement for the arrival of the Hipster City Cycle app, available through iTunes.  In this retro-looking game you can send Blinky Mckee, the mustachioed, hipster cyclist, weaving through the busy streets of Philadelphia dodging traffic and pot holes and making new friends along the way.  Game creator and Philadelphia native, Keith McKnight, designed the game to span through four distinct Philly neighborhoods, including popular Philly landmarks and hotspots.

The obstacles and distractions in the game reflect the dangers that real cyclists face in Philadelphia every day.  However, Binky is still not quite as reckless as most of the helmetless, hipster douchbags we see in the middle of Broad Street rush hour traffic texting and smoking a cigarette.  My guess is that pretty soon we’ll see hipster cyclists playing Hipster City Cycle on their iPhones while merging into Center City traffic.

You can get more information on the game at the official website: www.hipstercitycycle.com.


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Diana Allinger

Diana Allinger is a Temple University graduate who works full time trying to justify her degree in English to others. She is a poet, artist, critic, and thrift store enthusiast. Diana loves Philadelphia and enjoys attending the city’s amazing artistic and cultural events.

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