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Keep an ear out, dear readers, especially when some true hoodratified Kenzos are around, because you’ll hear some interesting things…

Two Kenzos – one male, one female – on the El on the subject of parenthood.

Female Kenzo: “Do you got kids?”

Male Kenzo: “Yeah, I have three. But she’s pregnant again, and this’ll be my first biological child.


A female Fishtowner discussing linguistics with a Kenzo.

Kenzo: “(Blabbering)…so that’s why I quite my job, ya’knamsayin’?”

Fishtowner: “You always f*cking say that. Stop saying that.”

Kenzo: “Saying what?”

Fishtowner: “You always say, ‘ya’knamsayin.’ It’s just words mushed together. What the f*ck does that even mean?”

Kenzo: “Ya’knamsayin, it means, um…‘do you know what I’m talking about.’


A pregnant young lady from Mutter Street describing the trend of young men getting tattoos allover their faces.

Pregnant Girl: “I would never date a guy who had tattoos covering his face. My baby’s daddy has a dozen on his face and I f*cking hate it.


A Kenzo friend of mine on the nature of Kensington residents.

My friend: “I’m the biggest pussy to ever come out of Kensington and I was arrested for attempted murder.


A random F-towner on law enforcement and the civic duty of talking to the police upon witnessing a crime.

F-Towner: (Describing his feelings about an assault charge he faced after beating a man with a baseball bat) “Maaaan, I woulda got away with that shit. But nah, those snitches had to talk shit. They coulda left it alone, but ah nah, ‘Oh, we seen the whole thing, gotta be a snitch bitch, bang bang bang, let’s give the bat to the cops.’


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