R. Bradley Maule Shows Us Philly

Philadelphia is a beautiful city, despite all the commentary that suggests the contrary.  Perhaps because we live our lives in such a routine fashion, the simple splendors of our beloved city slip past our regimented senses, too caught up in the day-to-day drag.  Sometimes it takes a breath of fresh air, a change in scenery, to remind us of what we had all along.

R. Bradley Maule is the man behind Maule of America, a blog documenting American subject matter as diverse as the retail outlets offered at its homophonic counterpart.  Maule is a Portland product, though he was manufactured right here in Philadelphia (by way of Tyrone, PA).  Before heading westward, Maule ran Phillyskyline.com, a collection of Philly-inspired stories and photos.

Recently, Maule returned to Philadelphia, and lucky for us, he brought his camera.  His latest addition to the Maule of America collection is entitled Judgment Day, and catalogues a variety of Philly locales typically absent from our daily observation.

Put this on, explore Maude’s photos, and you’ll want to squish Glenn Beck’s fat head for saying our sacred home “sucks”.

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Colin Dolan

Colin is a Delco native chock full of trivial, 90's Nickelodeon knowledge and malty craft beers. He hasn't heard a Beck album he didn't think was the second coming of Sgt. Pepper's and absolutely, positively despises the fact that Temple University is changing the obnoxiously wordy title of the Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media major right as he is on the cusp of graduating.

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