Tazer Kid Gets Tosh.0 Web Repdemption

Sure, Tosh.0 is a carbon copy of Talk Soup, but who cares?  Tosh’s humor is crude, offensive and cringe-worthy, but certainly has its moments of shining social commentary.  And man, is it a thousand times more enjoyable than Mind of Mencia.  I would LITERALLY watch paint dry before I’d even peek at that despicable disgrace of a show.

The latest Tosh.0 installment featured a web redemption for the kid who received a nasty tazer shot from Citizen’s Bank Park security guards at a Phillie’s game last year.  Now, if you’re keeping count, that’s now TWO web redemptions for fans at a Phillies game.  The first was for the cute little girl who threw back the foul ball her dad had just caught and given to her.

After watching the newest web redemption, I’m a little disappointed.  Normally Tosh mercilessly (hilariously) humiliates the goofs seeking “redemption” from their embarrassing internet video gaffes.  This time around, however, it seems like Tosh was running a little low on the funny fuel.

Perhaps it’s because watching the kid run around like a headless chicken while outpacing some rather robust security guards, only to be zapped like a summer skeeter, is a helluva lot funnier than any off-color dramatization Tosh and his writers could think of.


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Colin Dolan

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