Clark Park: Bringing Culture to our Heathen City

Philly is known for its tough, trash talking, blue collar types, but it has never been short on culture- you just may not be looking in the right place for it. With the gradual influx of young artists, musicians and DIY venues, certain pockets of the city have been subverting our tough guy reputation abroad to reflect our more refined sensibilities. Adding to this change is the quite awesome group Shakespeare in Clark Park, which will be hosting a FREE performance of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing every night at 7 pm from July 20th though July 24th.

Shakespeare in Clark Park has taken the noble and borderline Sisyphean task of bringing higher culture to the rest of us philistines. So please, show them support and kick back while you brain gets culturized.

Click here to read more about the play, Much Ado About Nothing.






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