The REAL Boardwalk Empire Was Built on Crane Games

Being a world-renowned tourist destination made famous by its iconic boardwalks and MTV meat-head inhabitants, I’m willing to put up with a lot at the Jersey Shore.

Six, seven bucks for a bottle of beer at the bar?  Sure, even if I do have to tiptoe around the regurgitated shore fare strewn across the men’s room floor.  Purchasing beach tags for the “privilege” of staking a daily patch of sand that’s as much coarsely-eroded fragments of rock as it is butts of Parliament Lights?  You know it, so long as I can cast my fishing pole into the muddy-green depths with the hopes of catching a mutant flounder that in all likelihood would kill me if I consumed it, or touched it for that matter.

But I simply must draw the line with this:  rigged arcade games.  You can beat me up at the bar, bitch-slap me at the beaches and toll booths, but please, for the love of God, don’t cheat me at Skeeball.  Such is the concern of many shore-goers this summer season.

In dealing with what is surely a commercial-amusement conspiracy between Nucky Thompson, Tony Soprano and the owners of Casino Arcade, I cannot stress how relieved I am to hear that New Jersey Consumer investigators are working overtime to ensure that this kind of criminal and diabolical debauchery does not happen on the boardwalks of the Jersey Shore. Check out NBC’s coverage of the story below.

Source:  NBC Philadelphia

Colin Dolan

Colin is a Delco native chock full of trivial, 90's Nickelodeon knowledge and malty craft beers. He hasn't heard a Beck album he didn't think was the second coming of Sgt. Pepper's and absolutely, positively despises the fact that Temple University is changing the obnoxiously wordy title of the Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media major right as he is on the cusp of graduating.

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