Lancaster Ave Arts to Beautify Vacant Store Fronts

What is Philly to do with the more than 26,000 vacant homes and businesses scattered throughout the city? Well, we tried knocking them down but that proved pretty costly and not time efficient. But luckily, Lancaster Ave Arts has come up with a better, albeit, temporary fix to spruce up Philly’s uglier facades.

Between September 30th and November 30th, Lancaster Arts Ave is seeking to install numerous works of art in vacant storefronts along Lancaster Ave in West Philly. Funding was procured by Drexel University and, as organizer Mark Christman told me, the project was, “…really driven by the community in and around Powelton Village, Saunders park and along Lancaster Ave.” The project is currently seeking submissions from local artists. If you are interested in submitting your own artwork, go to the Lancaster Ave Arts page or click on one of the storefront you’d like to beautify below. This is a great idea and Philly truly needs more projects like this, so we’re hoping they get a boatload of submissions.

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