The War on Drugs’ New, Urban Outfitters-Produced Music Video

The War on Drugs have just released a new video for their single, “Come to the City” off their upcoming album, Slave Ambient which is set to be released on August 16th.  The song sounds like a nostalgic, summer anthem for a generation of youth who wish they belonged to another generation.  It’s soothing and melodic, but somehow it also leaves you feeling kind of sad that you’re in Philly with 100 degree weather and cheap plastic iPod ear buds melting into your brain.

The video captures the spirit and sentiments of the song, but the “trendiness” of the young, thin, hipster girls playing in a field and climbing trees while modeling this season’s hottest fashions is a bit disconcerting.  When I first saw the video I thought, “Wow, this looks like a really long ad for Urban Outfitters.”  Then as it ended and the credits came up, I discovered that it actually was produced by Urban Outfitters.  Despite the cheesy product placement, the video is beautifully filmed and director Peter J. Bryant’s layering of colorful paint strokes and film is both original and stunning.

You can catch The War on Drugs at Johnny Brenda’s on August 18th.  You can order tickets here.

The War on Drugs – “Come to the City” (Official Music Video) from Urban Outfitters on Vimeo.

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Diana Allinger

Diana Allinger is a Temple University graduate who works full time trying to justify her degree in English to others. She is a poet, artist, critic, and thrift store enthusiast. Diana loves Philadelphia and enjoys attending the city’s amazing artistic and cultural events.

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