Local Man a “Difference Maker” to Stephen Colbert

If it looks like a vampire, walks like a vampire and talks like a vampire, then it probably is… a legal-savvy Philadelphia suburbanite. You may recall awhile back we covered the story of Patrick Rodgers, a local man who sued Wells Fargo and won, then foreclosed on one of the bank’s Philly offices when it failed to pay him his awarded settlement.

Rodgers, who dons long black hair and intimidating fangs, was featured on The Colbert Report’s “Difference Makers” segment last week for his impressive and ironic tactics in dealing with Wells Fargo. And because he looks like a vampire.

Watch it below; Colbert calls out every anchor who failed to ask the one question on EVERYONE’S mind.

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Colin Dolan

Colin is a Delco native chock full of trivial, 90's Nickelodeon knowledge and malty craft beers. He hasn't heard a Beck album he didn't think was the second coming of Sgt. Pepper's and absolutely, positively despises the fact that Temple University is changing the obnoxiously wordy title of the Broadcasting, Telecommunications and Mass Media major right as he is on the cusp of graduating.

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