David Akers Thanks Philly With a Billboard

Whether you subscribe to the “Philly boos everything” notion or not, it’s understood that leaving one of our teams to move onto seemingly greener pastures will get you on our shit list faster than you can say “Jayson Werth”.

With that said, we love our teams to the bitter end–so if you can make your departure in a classy fashion, we’ll promise not to verbally abuse you (or your wife and kids) when you turn up at the Linc with a rival team. Case in point: David Akers. After spending 12 long years as our starting kicker, Akers made his final statement to the city of Brotherly Love by purchasing a billboard (a billboard!) thanking Philadelphians for our unwavering support during his time with the Birds. We picked up the billboard shot from CSN, but you can witness the larger-than-life thank you note yourself on 95-North near the stadiums. And hey, we love you too, David Akers–even in that 49ers jersey.

Photos: CSN, TheBleacherReport.com



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