Say Hello to Irene

Forget earthquakes, like your mother-in-law of the same name, Hurricane Irene is moving in just in time to ruin your weekend. And while other news outlets are busy giving tips on how to prepare yourself for gale force winds, we’re busy getting ready for the pending locust swarms and trying to come up with a sweet drinking game using Hurricane.

Although there’s never any real upside to major structural damage and flooding, there is some silver lining for Hurricane Irene and that will come in the form of foolhardy reporters who consistently try to stand up to 70 mph winds and rain.

It happens during every hurricane without fail. Like some sort of strange and ritualistic right of passage, weathermen (and women) arrogantly try to prove their might against other, weaker weathermen (we’re looking at you Glenn Hurrican Schwartz).  So before we get a sweet .gif of John Bolaris rolling down Broad Street, here’s a couple of your favorite hurricane knock downs to brighten up what is sure to be a horribly depressing weekend.


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