That’s Not News: Sleeping PPA Agents on Fox

Not too long ago we spotted photos of a sleeping PPA agent on r/Philadelpia (that’s Philadelphia’s forum on, for you internet tenderfoots). While is was mildly entertaining, we didn’t really feel it warranted a post because, in general, PPA bashing is starting to become a little hackneyed… sort of like using the a “ph” to spell anything remotely related to our city (seriously, that’s got to stop at some point, guys).

But leave it to My Fox Philly to make a huge stink about a complete non-issue. The news outlet picked up on the photos (some of which are more than a year old) and is overtly trying to spark outrage/ratings in hopes of a new, non-weather related story. Of course, the PPA gave the obvious response that there’s no solid proof that the agents were on duty at the time the photos were taken.

Let’s be honest here, people- did you really expect PPA agents to be the type of hard-working, no-nonsense employees who wouldn’t so much as blink while on duty? Considering the amount of unsolicited abuse they constantly receive, it’s a wonder they aren’t permanently set into a self-loathing coma after two weeks on the job.

Click here for the original story or if you can’t view Fox Philly’s craptastic video player.

Photos Show Sleeping PPA Workers:

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