Eagles Fan Proves Dedication… 19,341 ft. Above Sea Level

Philadelphia sports fans have consistently upheld a reputation for their diehard attitudes and questionable, yet newsworthy actions when expressing their dedication. There are the unruly Phillies fans, the aggressive and drunk Flyers fans – both tout questionable reputations throughout any given season. Their actions are undeniably entertaining and generally inappropriate, but their loyalties remain consistent. So in the end, we love them for that. However, Eagles fans have always seemed to be a breed of their own.

Rich Braitman has taken his dedication to new heights. No, literally. The Morgan Stanley VP and self proclaimed adventurer schlepped an Eagles banner up the nearly 20,000 foot dormant volcano, Mt. Kilamanjaro, in Tanzania last week. Perhaps his actions were a testament to the Eagles potential performance this year and how they will be “on top of the world” this 2011 season (unlikely, but here’s hoping!). Maybe he was trying to attract a new fan base, or maybe Braitman just wanted a really cool new FB profile picture. Regardless of the reasoning, we salute you Braitman and your extreme dedication to the silver and green!

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Britta Winans

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