Local Papers Offer Cheap Tablets and Disease Prevention (Sorta)

To say that print media is dying would be an understatement; that shit is dead and decomposing.  I think the only reason people still purchase magazines or books is to radiate their self-appreciated intellectualism to nearby observers.  Nothing says “I’m with it” like a crisp copy of TIME.  Maybe that’s a little harsh; my dad still buys two newspapers daily, but that’s only because he doesn’t realize 100% of the information is repeated online.  Plus, he likes the funnies.

The Philadelphia newspapers realize their industry is barely breathing, which is why the Philadelphia Media Network is implementing a new online subscription incentive today, offering $99 Android tablets for anyone who signs up for two years.  You can sign up for only one year, but the tablet bumps up to $129, because you are a brainless Philistine.  Monthly subscriptions are $9.99 for two years, $12.99 for one.

After seeing the new flick Contagion last night, I gotta say:  I am all for these new fangled tablets and personalized media devices.  The less people that touch my shit, the greater my chances for survival in a worldwide bat/pig virus epidemic.  Hard copies of newspapers are like interpersonal ferries for germs and disease.  F that.

Source:  Cnet News


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Colin Dolan

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