Download This! NPR Music App 2.0

Just when we thought Angry Birds was the best there could be, and that the App World couldn’t get any greater, NPR music comes along and proves us wrong.

NPR Music has created a music streaming app for the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch. With this app, music lovers such as ourselves can rejoice and discover new music of all genres. Whether you’re a Hip Hop fanatic or you prefer Classical, this app has it all right at your fingertips…literally.

Taking into account the fact that I never put down my phone, and have already considering having it surgically attached to my hand so I never lose it, the option to download this application and have everything I need in one place was a no-brainer for me. After playing around with it, I was able to learn more than I could ever care to know about my favorite bands by listening to live interviews and concerts. As a listener, you can also stream music news and reviews of new albums before they are even released.

Listeners also have the ability to tap into more than 75 public radio stations as well as tools to share your favorite newly purchased music with friends. My friends were tickled pink when I was able to upload and tell the world my favorite new obsessions.

The app is updated daily, so your favorite songs are always available to be purchased and put into your own kick-ass playlist to use anytime. And if the above hasn’t got you running to your favorite apple products to furiously download, wait for the best part: It is free.

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Michelle Mass

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