Mike Jerrick Teases Kardashians, Finally Gets Attention

Having been a dedicated fan of Fox 29’s Good Day Philadelphia for the past couple of years, I’ve grown to expect a certain degree of hilarity and general misbehavior from anchor Mike Jerrick. His constant side comments, his back-and-forth dialogue with co-anchor Sheinelle Jones (much to her horror, we’d imagine) and his tendency to completely derail interviews and segments with just a wink of his spiteful eye are all part of his overall appeal. You may have seen this latest gem, in which Jerrick pokes fun at the Kardashians literally SECONDS after ending their interview segment. Either way, watch it; It’s about time our rogue local news anchor got some credit for his antics (as seen on The Soup).

Skip to 0:18 for the good part.

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Alex Torban

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