Meme War Fall Drop

, according to Wikipedia is, “an idea, behavior or style that spreads from person to person within a culture.” Well, then what’s a Meme War?

Meme War is a local streetwear brand created by Andrew Papoutsis (Lodge215, Fresh Melt Water) Rob Saunders and Pete Walski. The founders uses popular memes to create “alternative media” that serves as commentary on today’s culture and other various public interests.

Continuing that trend, Meme War’s lookbook is set in a warehouse, depicting models hidden under a black bag much in the same way prisoners at Guantanamo Bay were depicted in the now infamous photos that were leaked in the press. The brand recently held their release party at Lodge, debuting their quite provocative look book which you can see below.

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Rashad Rastam

Think white, Caucasian male, twenties, blue eyes, blond hair, tall, built, and now think the opposite. Rashad wishes he could have it easy like when skateboarding, playing multiple instruments and being mischievous were more important than working for the man. On his day off he likes to spend time in Chinatown where he belongs. Rashad also enjoys Mexican food, films featuring Penelope Cruz and religiously attending Taco Tuesday.

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