Let Me Tell You About a Dream I Had

I don’t know what a sculptural flotilla is but from the looks of it, I think I like it. The Philadelphia Art Alliance and Miss Rockaway Armada have teamed up to bring a unique art exhibit to Philadelphia entitled, Let Me Tell You About a Dream I Had. While I usually let off a heavy sigh whenever I hear someone say that, this art show will definitely be more interesting than your roommate’s dream about eating a marshmallow mountain.

The sculptural flotilla (there’s that word again) was made from used materials and is supposed to represent the transformational ability of humans or trash… or something- I’m not really sure how to put it but it looks like something out of a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film.

The exhibition opens today at 6 pm and will run until December 30th at The Philadelphia Art Alliance (251 S. 18th Street). It is also free.

Photo by Tod Seelie courtesy of Philadelphia Art Alliance


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