Center City Closes Lanes to Test Dedicated Bike and Pedestrian Route

Although the abandoned death trap next door to you may not be a good indicator, Philadelphia has been making some major strides to enter the “Green Age” gracefully. We’ve got newly revitalized piers and parks, plans for a teched out SEPTA payment system and something called a “parklet” that, while serving no concrete purpose, looks pretty nice. That’s right, we’re well on our way to becoming the city in Sylvestor Stallone’s Demolition Man, save for the ubiquitous Taco Bell franchises.

Right now, the CCD is in the process of gauging newly proposed, dedicated bike and pedestrian lanes on Market Street and JFK Boulevard between 15th and 20th Streets. For the next two weeks, the city will close the left lanes in order to test the effects of the possible commuter route for pedestrians. Pictured right are similar bike and pedestrian lanes in New York.

While all sorts of greenery is intended to adorn the new route, for now, the lane will be simply marked by a few orange cones, so try to not get frustrated by the seemingly asinine inconvenience. CCD officials predict that, while there may be more traffic during rush hour, the lane closures shouldn’t present a major problem for Center City drivers.

In an article with Plan Philly, Streets commissioner, Steve Buckley, stated that the project would cost between $10 and $20 million and CEO of CCD Paul Levy estimates that construction is still a good two years away starting. But keep in mind that these projections don’t consider the city’s future losses resulting from lawsuits by middle-aged Center City execs who buy $2,000 mountain bikes without learning how to ride them.

Photos and info provided by Plan Philly and Center City District

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