Help James Rolfe Fund The AVGN Movie!

When we first re-launched Aroundphilly, I was somehow able to snag an interview with The Angry Video Game Nerd, who, as it turns out, is from the Philadelphia region. During that interview I was also able to substantiate rumors that there would indeed be an AVGN movie. Well, it seems that James Rolfe just about ready to film; he just needs a little extra funding to get things rolling.

The script, written by James and his close friend, Kevin Finn (both UArts Grads) is being described as, “…an epic comedy/adventure tale with certain B-movie styles interjected within,” which is certainly in keeping with the now infamous AVGN style and James’ own love for chees-tastic films like Plan 9 from Outer Space and Ed Wood. Production of the film is scheduled for this coming Spring.

James has started a page on where fans can donate money to hep fund the independent film. The goal is set at $75,000 but, from what are surely ravenous AVGN fans eagerly awaiting the feature film, James has already raised half that amount.

So, if you’ve enjoyed all those great AVGN videos over the years (and you know you have), go here and donate whatever you can. Similar to sites like Kickstarter, each level of donation will receive a special perk. Good luck, James!

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