Urban Outfitters Pulls “Navajo” Name from Product Line

Urban Outfitters, whose corporate headquarters are located in Philadelphia, has removed the word “Navajo” from their line of clothing featuring Native American-inspired prints. The decision comes after pending legal action from The Navajo Nation for what they claim is a violation of a Federal Trade Commission law that prohibits retailers from implying that their products are produced by Native Americans.

The Navajo Nation currently holds 10 trademarks on their name but media attention and online scrutiny of the company’s use of the word was sparked by a letter from a Native American woman written to the CEO of Urban Outfitters.  On the use of the word, 24 year-old Sasha Houston Brown wrote:

“As a Native American woman, I am deeply distressed by your company’s mass marketed collection of distasteful and racially demeaning apparel and décor. I take personal offense to the blatant racism and perverted cultural appropriation your store features this season as fashion.”

While the word “Navajo” has been removed from Urban Outfitters’ website, their European outlets and online stores are still using the word to describe over 21 products ranging from underwear to hip flasks.


[Source: Daily Mail, Photo: Urban Outfitters]

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