Will New Sixers Ownership Axe Hip Hop?

An article on Philly.com regarding the new Sixers ownership has pointed towards speculation that their often maligned mascot, Hip Hop, may be obliterated from the Philly sports scene for good. Local sports writers and radio personalities have subsequently employed all sorts of obvious puns and quips calling for the hare’s demise:

“Lame and stale, like the mascot version of planking,” wrote Comcast SportsNet’s John Gonzalez, declaring even no replacement would be an improvement.

This morning, WIP (94 FM) host Angelo Cataldi, appearing on CBS3, held up a bowl to illustrate what the big-eared bunny’s next role should be: “Rabbit stew!” he bellowed. [Philly.com]

I am wholly reluctant to put forth my own lame analogy but I will gladly second the motion to off the thing altogether. Don’t get me wrong, everyone clearly appreciates your effort, Hip Hop. But your high-flying acrobatics and ability to enchant small children with an inexplicable affinity towards an increasingly dull professional sport will never outweigh the sheer stupidity inherent in any hip hop themed mascot.

Everything about you is either unlikeable or unexplainable; from the do-rag to the strange biker-like gloves that would better suit burglars and meth cooks, you don’t make any sense.

One might surmise that Will Smith will probably come up with some re-incarnation of the rabbit, perhaps giving it some futuristic, bedazzled ensemble previously worn by The Black Eyes Peas. But that too would just be compounding the baffling nature of the increasingly irrelevant team symbol. Management should take note of the wonderfully popular Phillie Phanatic and create some altogether unrecognizable creature with ample padding and a generally floppy visage… or maybe just a cartoon Matt Geiger wearing a dress.

[Source: Philly.com]


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