Review: Mansions at Johnny Brenda’s

Last week, Mansions arrived at Johnny Brenda’s in Northern Liberties to play alongside Now, Now and Philly’s own Young Statues. Christopher Browder, also known as Mansions, had driven all the way from Seattle, WA, for what he considers to be a mini-tour.

Usually backed by a full band, Mansions played an acoustic set off of his latest album, Dig Up The Dead as well as some tracks off of New Best Friends.

Mansions fills out each song with lyrics that are well-spent, containing themes like the dreaded bad ex, being cheap, minimum wage, and, well, you know the rest when you head down that road. Though, when he does head down that road, he does so with a love that somehow defies such melancholy lyrics.

Mansions also treated the crowd to a new song entitled “New Knives,” which seemed to be about leaving behind the familiar and deciding whether or not to return. But as far as his set went, Mansions should definitely return to Philly soon.

Pick up Mansions new split EP with Fences entitled “Market Place and Heavens Brew” at SadCastle and Dig Up The Dead out now at Burning House or at your local record store in Philly such as Repo Records or AKA Music.

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