Bradley Cooper May Be Named “Sexiest Man Alive”

Philadelphia-born, Jenkintown-raised and Germantown Academy-schooled superstar Bradley Cooper, is one of People Magazine’s top contenders for the title if “Sexiest Man Alive”. Although the pop culture mag won’t confirm or deny Cooper’s participation, I’m willing to stay tuned for the drool-worthy issue, hitting newsstands November 18th, with high hopes that this local will land the cover.

Even though I’ve been fantasizing about him since his early days on Alias, Cooper’s international recognition came only after he appeared in the popular films Wedding Crashers, The Hangover and The Hangover 2. The spotlight has been on him ever since, and his female audience (and perhaps, a few choice males) aren’t complaining.

Rumor has it that People has already arranged a photo shoot with Cooper, but his publicist has only confirmed an upcoming promotional shoot for The Hangover 2, slated for DVD release in early December.

Guess we’ll just have to maintain our patience for the next two and a half weeks to see if one of Philadelphia’s few attractive leading men lands the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ title.




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