Study Shows Vick is the Most Disliked Player in the NFL

Depending on the Sunday and/or your love of dogs, Michael Vick may sometimes be the most hated man in Philadelphia. But new evidence is showing that the rest of the country pretty much hates the guy all of the time.

Forbes Magazine released their findings of a recent survey by Nielsen and E-Poll Market Research. The poll listed active NFL players with a public awareness level of at least 10 percent (whatever that means) and it showed that a not-so-astounding 60 percent of participants said that they “dislike,” “dislike somewhat,” or “dislike a lot” the former inmate and current Eagles quarterback, Mike Vick.

Marksman and all-around idiot, Plaxico Burerss,  came in second with 56 percent of those polled saying they “dislike a lot” the former Giants wide receiver (couldn’t they have worded it better than “dislike a lot”? Sounds like they polled a bunch of illiterate 10th graders.)

But this news that nobody likes Vick outside of Philadelphia really isn’t surprising, especially when you consider all the subliminal, anti-Eagles propaganda Joe Buck has been spouting for years.

You can view the rest of the results over at

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