Why You Should be Paying Attention to DRGN King

I’ve been hearing about this local group, DRGN King, for the past few months but I never actually took the time to listen to them until now. This week they released a new video for their track “Paragraph Nights” and it seems to have all the trappings a band that’s about to take off (catchy, yet interesting song writing, tasteful arrangements, a lead singer whose talent matches his apparent affability).

Acts like The War on Drugs, Nicos Gun and Man Man are just a few Philly bands that are currently enjoying widespread success. But in my opinion, (sorry, I’m channeling my inner talent manager here) DRGN King has one other ultra-important quality: accessibility. The vocals sort of remind me of a less polished Jim James from MMJ and the music, while ranging in style, just seems pitch (fork) perfect for today’s indy music craze. Plus their name is pretty rad, too. Anyhow, I’m digging them, so check them out if you’re not already a fan.

View “Paragraph Nights” and their previous video for “Holy Ghost” below. Visit their Bandcamp page to hear more.

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