Hawthorne For Halftime

Whether you’re a fan or not, the Detroit Lions have been a staple of Thanksgiving football for I don’t care to figure out how long. Fortunately, since we all know the last place to see or hear a really great performance is halftime at a sporting event, the people of Detroit are doing the idea one better. As you’ve certainly heard by now, the citizens of the motor city are cool/smart enough to petition against having Nickelback (possibly the world’s worst band) perform at their team’s traditional holiday game. The question is, are they cool/smart enough to have motown and soul revivalist Mayer Hawthorne take the band’s place? Probably not, but on the heels of his new album, How Do You Do, Hawthorne is trying to make a run. Check out his campaign video featured on Rolling Stone here (they’ve made it impossible for us to embed, but it’s worth the click) and then Tweet @MayerHawthorne using the hashtag #Mayer4Detroit , because the world doesn’t need to hear this ever, ever again.


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Mark Schaffer

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