New “Under the Clothespin” Mosaic Coming to Center City

The steps around Claes Oldenburg’s Clothespin that enter Centre Square’s concourse have always been notoriously hideous. Visual stimulation goes from the riveting to the institutionally drab in a matter of seconds. However, a new project titled Under the Clothespin may bring some much needed color to the dingy walls.

Emillie Ledieu and Miriam Singer plan to install the new mosaic to brighten the now off-white tile that currently adorns the walls along the concourse entrance. Backed by The Mural Arts Program, the install is an enormous undertaking, occupying some 500 square feet. Though the heavily used area was revamped in 2005, plans to beautify it haven’t been introduced until now.

The best part about the project is that the idea for the mural came from directly from Philadelphians. This past summer, Singer and Ledieu polled workers and commuters who frequent the area so that the very same people who will enjoy their mural informed their artistic process.  Locals were asked to fill out postcards, answering two questions: “Where are you going and where are you coming from?” The artists then used that input to create a fragmented depiction of Philly’s most recognizable landmarks and neighborhoods that, from the looks of it, could be one of Philly’s best murals to date.

You can follow the artists’ progress on their Tumblr page, and we’ll of course keep you posted once it’s completed.

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Britta Winans

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