Are Thanksgiving Decorations a Thing of the Past?

‘Tis the season to be jolly, holly, merry and, apparently, completely overeager. Holiday decorations seem to go up earlier every year. Perhaps it’s similar to being single on Valentines Day; I’m not doing any decorating, so the ones around me seem even more apparent. But this year, the holiday spirit is on steroids.

With that, I pose the following questions: 1) How early is too early for decorations? 2) What on earth has happened to the intermediary decorating period that is Thanksgiving?

Holiday fever never takes long to catch on. But this year, Christmas music poured through store speakers the day after Halloween, lamppost snowflakes began showing up on the Main Line by early October and just yesterday, I found myself humming “Dradle, Dradle, Dradle” as I left a particularly over-decorated CVS.

Since it’s already mid-November, holiday decorations, music, and all the other hype are now acceptable considering it’s almost a month away from the long-awaited end of December. However, there’s seems to be no sympathy for Thanksgiving and it’s drowning in all of this Christmas fervor.

Thanksgiving decorations and music will never conquer those of Christmas/Hanukkah and, let’s be honest, we can’t expect people to overly anticipate a holiday with no gift giving, sleep inducing meat and an excuse for all of your bad relatives to come into town. But the overwhelming amount of Christmas lights, blow-up lawn Santas, and tinsel wrapped mail boxes are taking away from the holiday where thanks should be attributed and at the least bit, acknowledged.

With that said, show some gratitude and stick a turkey on your lawn next to the blow up snowman or keep a pumpkin or squash on your front doorstep for just one more week, please! After next Thursday, it will be holiday fever all day, every day so let’s at least make an effort to pace ourselves.

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Britta Winans

Britta Winans, a student at Villanova University, spends much of her time arguing that ‘Communication’ is a real major. A current senior, Britta is busy trying to discover a potential career path so she’s not left broke and homeless after graduation. A retail enthusiast, she believes any problem can be fixed with some retail therapy and enjoys running and any book in the fantasy genre.

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