Corsa in No Libs Welcomes The Hundreds

Corsa will welcome The Hundreds into their store by hosting their Winter 2011 collection event. For those that don’t know, Corsa is a new streetwear and BMX boutique located in Northern Liberties that opened this past August. The store carries many recognizable brands like Mishka, HUF, Durkl, and Freshjive.

Influenced by skateboarding, relaxation and the “no worries” attitude, these brands work with pretty much anyone’s style.

The Hundreds is an apparel company inspired by the Los Angeles lifestyle and California culture. Co-founded by Ben and Bobby Hundreds in 2003 they’ve since debuted both a clothing line and magazine, even collaborating with brands such as Garfield, Disney, Casio G-Shock, eS and Medicom- so yeah, The Hundreds is HUGE.

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Rashad Rastam

Think white, Caucasian male, twenties, blue eyes, blond hair, tall, built, and now think the opposite. Rashad wishes he could have it easy like when skateboarding, playing multiple instruments and being mischievous were more important than working for the man. On his day off he likes to spend time in Chinatown where he belongs. Rashad also enjoys Mexican food, films featuring Penelope Cruz and religiously attending Taco Tuesday.

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