Tria: A Sunday School For Heretics

If you’re like me (fashionable, a great kisser, smart, handsome, rich, a terrible liar), you need something other than god and football to pique – and hold – your interest on Sundays. Thankfully, there is Tria, a heaven-sent haven for well-heeled heathens. Say that five times fast. Or don’t, actually. You might keel over and, let’ be honest, god is probably busy watching the game.

Every Sunday, rain or shine, rapture or continued divine indifference, Tria holds a Sunday School for believers in the transcendental power of grapes, mold, and hops.

The syllabus is straightforward: one wine, cheese, and beer at a generously discounted price. Attendance counts for 100-percent of your grade. So sip, reflect, and give thanks for not being at an Eagles game where a $30 domestic draft constitutes the bargain of the century.

This upcoming Sunday, their unholy offerings include a 2008 Moulin-A’-Vent “Vieilles Vignes,” Domaine Grand Moulin of France, Garrotxa of Spain, and Southern Tier Pumpking of New York (one of, if not the best, Autumn beers).

Like Sarah Vowell, I, too, have the “body of a reader,” so maybe there’s something about football I don’t get. Even if I were to wake up tomorrow with Michael Vick’s arm strength and signature proclivity for drowning Dalmatians, I’d still prefer spending my Sundays worshipping at the altar of all things Epicurean.

Tria has Rittenhouse and Gayborhood locations. They also have a wine bar in University City. .

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Rodger Holst

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