Peapod Delivery Service Now Serving Philly

Finally, Philadelphians have a reason to never leave their apartments again. Peapod, the nation’s top online grocery retailer, has just set up shop in our area; the news is being greeted with fanfare by foodies and agoraphobics throughout the region.

So what does this mean for the average consumer? Well, you can now shop, buy and receive your groceries in the most efficient manner, without ever having to leave the confines of your home.  While services like this have already existed in Philadelphia, Peapod offers the most comprehensive selection and speediest delivery options. The relatively user-friendly interface also makes it more attractive to customers apprehensive about using similar sites. They’re even mobile-ready.

In addition to the usual canned items most retailers offer, Peapod also sells fresh produce and local delicacies. There is a whole section devoted to organic foods, which will be especially pleasing to Philadelphia’s clientele. Nutrition and allergen information pops up when you click on each item, as well as the option to input your own allergy or dietary limitations. Once you have hit the $60 minimum required to order, you are ready to go. Simply decide when you would like your groceries delivered and the only thing left to do is wait.

Sure beats waiting on endless line during the upcoming Holiday season, no?

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Jonathan Hofmann

Jonathan Hofmann is a college student and aspiring writer originally from a magical place called New Jersey. He can be found tweeting at @popsober.

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