Justice Releases New Album, Coming to Philly in March

Can you remember the last time you saw Justice? It was probably right around the last time you logged into MySpace. Actually, the techno-rock group last performed in Philadelphia for the Myspace Music Tour in 2008- a lot of good that did.

But now the French duo has came out from hiding, releasing their sophomore release, Audio, Video, Disco. Last March, before they put out AVD, the DJs presented an ‘out of nowhere’ preview of their first single, “Civilization,” in a two-minute advertisement for Adidas, which was directed by Romain Gavras (known for directing M.I.A.’s controversial video for “Born Free“).

After releasing the album and scoring favorable reviews, the band has announced a US tour for 2012. Bringing out their infamous † (cross) surrounded by Marshall half stacks, they’ll be melting faces at the Electric Factory on March 20th, 2011. Tickets go on sale December 3rd at noon but you had better pull that browser window up beforehand; these tickets are going to sell out fast.

Be sure to check out their music video for the group’s title track, “Audio, Video, Disco,” below.

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