Scenes From the Occupy Philly Eviction

In what may have been a calculated move by city officials, the real Occupy Philly eviction occurred Monday night. Although the initial deadline for protestors was reported to be Sunday, November 27th, reports suggest that about a third of the protestors remained well into this week.

So late last night, police were brought in on SEPTA buses and further announcements calling for protestors to vacate the premises were repeated.

According to reports and evidenced by the video below, the demonstration then  spread out into surrounding areas. A heavy police presence followed as protesters chanted and formed lines across the width of Broad Street. The protestors were eventually corralled and around 50 to 60 people were arrested.

Mayor Nutter is reporting no incidents, claiming that the eviction was an all-around success, “There were no fights, no injuries, no confrontations and no incidents on the Plaza. Philadelphia Police Department executed this operation completely in accordance with the plan that has been in development for the past few weeks.” The Inquire reports that protesters complained  the police were using their bikes to handle the crowd and one protestor’s foot was allegedly trampled on by a horse.

Joe from Fractal Circus was down at Dilworth live-streaming footage of the eviction. While his video does somewhat reflect Mayor Nutter’s contention that the night was without incident, the tensions between the Philadelphia Police Department and protesters was certainly at an all-time high.

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