Catball Eats It All App Released

The wait is over! Catball Eats It All, the new iPhone/iPad app featuring characters and levels designed by local artist Nosego, is now available on the iTunes App store. For now the game is only available on Apple’s mobile devices, but it should be available on other devices sometime in the near future.

What exactly is Catball Eats It All you ask? Well, I’ll let the creators at Broken Compass Studios tell you a little about it:

Catball Eats It All is a high-speed platform game where players guide the adorable catball character on his quest to EAT IT ALL. It features incredible hand-drawn graffiti artwork — players roll the feline around, eating and growing to epic proportions. To avoid your arch nemesis Dogwall, you’ll gobble up the entire world!

The game uses an intuitive, two-touch control scheme to zip, float and fly around the worlds. Catball and his psychedelic surroundings pop off the screen, each hand drawn by Philadelphia graffiti artist NoseGo.

During its launch week, developers are giving away two full courses of the game… for FREE! More level packs can be bought in-game for around $.99. Can’t get any better than that. Please go support NoseGo’s latest work and download the game to try it for free.

Play it when you have some down time and let us know what you think!

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