PPA Plays Nice?

What’s that? A surprise hurricane ripped the ticket from your windshield and you never saw it? Or that big jerk (the person you’re dating) was having a rough day and threw out the parking ticket before you were able to pay it?

Up until now, if said ticket is not paid immediately, the driver will receive a letter from the PPA not only reminding them about the violation, but also instating an additional late fee to the original fine. And if the ticket is already expensive (or let’s just say if you’re a college student), you might have to cut down on groceries for a couple of weeks.

But a few City Council members are working hard to change all that, much to the relief of the lowly townspeople and their wallets. Sparked by Councilman Bill Greenlee, the newly proposed rule would force the PPA to send a “warning letter” regarding the existence of the ticket first, before any late fees are accrued. This means drivers will have ten days to pay the ticket before it carried an additional penalty charge for lateness.

So if the Mayor signs it (cross your fingers), in 90 days, you’ll have an extra ten days to pretend that you didn’t see the “Bus Zone/No parking” sign before you decide to buck up and pay the ticket—or fight it in court for more trouble than it’s probably worth. Hey, you can’t buy dignity, right?”

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