Introducing Ace Kilroy

Self-produced webcomics have seen a boom in recent years and Ace Kilroy, created by local artists and writers Rob Kelly and Dan O’Connor, has already gotten off to an impressive start.  The comic was launched on October 31st and is one of the most meticulous, independently produced webcomics I’ve seen in awhile.

Kelly and O’Connor stated on their Kickstarter page that they are hopeful that, “…two people can create something of quality, put it out there, and enough people will find it and want to support it.” Well, it seems that their hopes have been confirmed.

The story takes place in the 1930’s (a decade perfectly suited for secret agent schemes) and follows the Roosevelt-endorsed spy, Ace Kilroy, as he embarks upon numerous adventures around the globe. So far, Kilroy has taken on a variety of adversaries, from vampires in Transylvania to Nazi spies in Washington.

The incredibly detailed artwork and era-appropriate puns sprinkled throughout the strip make it as enjoyable as it is easy to read.  And the illustration sort of invoke Frank Miller’s work in its grittiness and stylized color schemes.

The authors’ artwork and witty writing is as high-quality as mainstream comics. So it comes as no surprise that they have contributed to the likes of ESPN, Vibe, Forbes, Time Out New York, and The Allentown Times.  For anyone with an interest in international tales of mystery, Ace Kilroy is worth a look.

The comic uploads a new strip daily and can be followed at the official Ace Kilroy website.

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Jonathan Hofmann

Jonathan Hofmann is a college student and aspiring writer originally from a magical place called New Jersey. He can be found tweeting at @popsober.

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