Plans for New Spring Garden “Greenway”

Spring Garden Street may be getting a makeover soon as plans to install a new “greenway” with a bike lane and sidewalk are currently underway. If completed, Spring Garden Street will look more like the Ben Franklin Parkway, with a large, tree-filled median to facilitate increased foot traffic.

The 2.2 mile street would basically serve as one long stretch of park, with two opposite running roadways, a median, and a line of trees. The Pennsylvania Environment Council is currently in talks with the city to implement the new idea.

But according to The Inquirer, treasurer and board member of the Spring Garden Civic Association, Al Girard, has stated that the project will most likely occur.

Planners for the new parkway note that the trail will become part of Pennsylvania’s East Coast Greenway, which is a route for both hikers and bikers that stretches from Maine to Florida.

The Spring Garden project will also tie into plans to develop the old Reading Viaduct, an abandoned railway running from Vine to Spring Garden Street, into an elevated park. City officials are currently in talks to develop this area along with the Spring Garden project.

The plan hopes to boost activity on the street, hopefully spurring more opportunities for development and more public spaces in the future.

You can voice your opinion at the PEC’s meeting to discuss the new project on December 6th at the German Society of Philadelphia at 6:30 pm.

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