Chris Christie Heckled in Iowa, Resists Urge to Smush Occupiers

Chris Christie is starting to remind me of my old Assistant Principal in high school; despite his no-nonsense, tough-guy bravado and the bone-crushing fury behind his eyes, he always manages to resist the urge to smash his podium a smithereens- lord knows he could probably do it with ease.

Yesterday, while campaigning for Mitt Romney, Governor Christie‚Äôs speech was interrupted when Occupy Des Moines protestors started chanting “put people first” in the classic Occupy “mic check” format. At about 13 seconds into the clip, for a moment, you can just barely see Christie holding back the rushing wrath of ten thousand Big Talker listeners. Thankfully (for the crowd, not the media), Christie remained unfazed, and rode out the interruption successfully.

During his campaign for governor, I think people (myself included) automatically assumed Christie would be the blunt, unpolished and calloused politician that his bulbous body and stoic demeanor presuppose. But for the past two years, Christie has served his term virtually unscathed, save for that one moment where gave a teacher the sort of attitude you’d usually reserve for pushy scalpers outside the Tower Theater. And given the lackluster GOP Presidential candidates, he may be just the thing Romney needs win the election.

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