Pennsylvania: Now Serving Beer Past 5PM on Sunday

Well, we’ve finally entered the 19th century today, Pennsylvania. Both houses of the Legislature have approved a bill last night that will expand Sunday beer sales to last from 9 am to 9 pm; that means no more hastily hitting the beer distributor at 4:57 before the Sunday night game, or in my case, Sunday night gaming (laser sounds).

A spokesperson for Governor Corbett has stated he plans on signing the bill, which means the new law should take effect soon. Additionally, the new legislation will allow restaurants that offer brunch to serve alcohol starting at 9 am. Smaller distilleries will also be permitted to sell bottled liquor on-site and at two other locations. But who really cares about all that, we’ve got Sunday night beer to legally purchase!

All Pennsylvanians know how frustrating it is to deal with draconian alcohol laws, and it gets even worse once out-of-state family members are in town for the holidays; trying to explain why you can’t buy beer at 7 pm on Sunday night is like trying to tell a small child that laughter kills angels- it’s just plain cruel.

Now if we could just marry beer and grocery stores to shed our puritan alcohol complex forever…

Source: ABC 27

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