Apple’s Pre-Hipster Clothing Line Comes Full Circle

Like the titan Facebook and its arch nemesis, Microsoft, Apple has become more than just a brand of computers: It has become a lifestyle.

The famous Mac vs. PC ads helped to solidify this idea, that one’s choice of computer shapes their own identity, but the notion was operating in consumers’ minds well before Justin Long ever dreamed he could tongue kiss a middle-aged Drew Barrymore.

Now, after the death of Apple’s CEO mastermind, Steve Jobs, people seem to be taking a step back and trying to decipher how Apple will be remembered one hundred years from now, when cybernetic organisms presumably run the empty husk of what was once Earth (now, mining colony #61701).

In that remembrance, you might find a small footnote mentioning Apple’s short-lived, but prophetic, 1980s clothing line. While I doubt the company knew it it at the time, the hideous, pastel sweat shirts foreshadowed their coming empire and, in hindsight,  evince an eerie, Nostradamus-like foresight. And here I thought pastel sweatshirts could only foreshadow an evening of wine coolers and discussions on the political importance of Hall and Oates.

I don’t have to tell you that Apple products are synonymous with the ironical hipster style that’s currently permeating the mainstream (note: it’s not vintage if you’re just  attempting to find the most hideous outfit imaginable, regardless of era). So it’s fitting that Apple, at a time when people assumed Vampire Weekend was a cartoon marathon for kids, released this so-ugly-it’s-cool clothing.

Although a lot of companies probably did the same during the age of excess, Apple just seems to have nailed the whole contrived, beyond-reproach, always-ahead-of-the-curve style that we see today, which is essentially the Rosetta Stone for hipsters.

Source: Daily Mail

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