Councilman Darrell Clarke Wants Ads on City Hall

If you’re counting, this is Councilman Darrell Clarke’s second horrible idea that may actually come to fruition. Not too long ago, we told you about his plan to ban construction around Temple’s campus because of neighborhood complaints, and now the councilman is hoping to turn City Hall into one giant NASCAR barrier.

Clarke plans to reintroduce a bill next year that would allow advertisements on municipal property. While he admits that some of the public may have reservations, Mr. Clarke wants us to know that it would all be done real classy-like. “… if tastefully done, you would want to look at a place where you have the largest number of individuals viewing such a facility.” Sounds like he’s renovating a strip club.

As NewsWorks reports, Clarke’s bill was not passed, but he’s more than proved his commitment to completely sabotage all Philadelphia’s recent development by turning our city into a Comcast-Spectacor-Utopia of inescapable ads.

Although, the deal would bring in needed revenue to the city’s budget, there are a host of unsavory implications involved. Dilworth Plaza, already undergoing some serious renovations that will make it more like the Mall of America than a municipal building, has been a tourist attraction for years. And since I assume city officials wouldn’t want to greet well-to-do tourists with an Arby’s ad, I’m also assuming there would have to be some sort of regulatory committee to oversee which businesses are appropriate.

I’m not advocating we go the route of São Paulo, but this idea would clearly bring the potential for lawsuits from bitter businesses or corruption among city officials and, in this author’s opinion, waste valuable resources on an initiative that only serves to cheapen Philadelphia’s image abroad.

Source/Photo: NewsWorks

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