New App Allows Mobile Access to Criminal Records

Babysitters, public urinators and generally creepy people beware: Your shameful criminal records are now (potentially) available at a moment’s notice to anyone owning a smart phone.  A new online app called Docket in Your Pocket is allowing users to look up criminal records in Pennsylvania on the go. Launched in October, the app is being marketed towards students, lawyers and the timorous general public who often force their children to wear leashes and GPS devices.

Although PA criminal records are available online, the app is the first to allow mobile access to the over 3.25 million files.

Conveniently available for all platforms (I guess that depends on your record), Docket in Your Pocket costs a mere $2.99- a small price to pay to ensure your new babysitter has never murdered anyone with an axe or that man you just met on the subway isn’t harboring a Sub-Zero full of severed heads.

Matt Haindfield invented the application after he noticed a need for mobile access to criminal records while working as a lawyer. On his website he states, “College kids living away from home were using it to check out their new roommates. Singles out on the dating scene were using it to make informed decisions about the people they were meeting.”

So, basically, Matt has found an inexpensive and convenient way to maim normal human interaction forever as I’m sure this will introduce another already-unnecessary ritual to adding (read: making) friends.


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Chris Lipczynski

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