Sentences Announced for Men Behind Phillies Ballpark Beating

The three men accused of involuntary manslaughter in the death of 22-year-old David Sale after a Phillies game in 2009 have been sentenced today. While all three men plead guilty, Sale’s father, David Sale Sr., is not happy with the verdicts, and it seems he has good reason.

30-year-old Francis Kirchner, responsible for fatally kicking Sale, will serve nine to 18 years. Charles Bowers, 37, who also participated in the beating, was sentenced to five to 10 years. But James Grove, who witnesses say punched and held down Sale during the incident, received only two to four years.

In an Inquirer article, David Sr. was quoted as saying, “I am disappointed. I am angry. I am empty…It’s so ridiculous to think that Davey died because someone bumped into somebody else spilling their drink. That will haunt me forever.”

Understandably, many critics of the sentence are outraged that none of the accused received a life sentence, especially given the senselessness of the crime. And considering a large number of sentences are reduced for good behavior, Charles Bowers will most likely serve around two years, which is less than the maximum term for possessing 50 pounds of marijuana in Pennsylvania.


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