Philadelphia: More Green Than Dirty?

After being ranked the second dirtiest city in America earlier this year by a survey in Travel & Leisure Magazine, some may find it hard to think of Philadelphia as a leader in eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives. However, according to Judith Albert, Director of the Environmental Entrepreneurs Initiative, Pennsylvania ranks fifth in the nation amongst leading users of green energy in forms of solar, wind and biomass.

CBS Philly reports that Albert stated, “Philadelphia is what’s called a Solar America city. There’s a Department of Energy program, which has been funding cities around the country to develop comprehensive plans to develop solar technology and Philadelphia as well as Pittsburgh have taken advantage of that.”

Local businesses are continuing to realize that being energy efficient is saving time and money and, according to Albert, the past quarter has been the highest on record, with businesses and venture capitalists investing more in green projects than ever before.

Currently, Philadelphia plays host to organizations such as Philagreen Hospitality Association, PA Energy Cooperative and several other urban farming co-ops like Greensgrow Farm Operative.

There is even an eco-friendly agenda for city council, which plans to sell and transfer publicly owned vacant properties, reuse and recycle food and construction wastes more efficiently, and improve access to fresh local foods.

While we may not be Detroit, which is currently undergoing a massive urban farming boom, it seems as though Philadelphia is moving in the right direction with regards to clean energy. And the efforts are starting to show.

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Source: CBS Philly

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